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You can use lottery sums to help you make your picks in any state. At this time only Texas and New York allow sums wagers. If your 3 numbers added together total 10 and the sum of the three lottery numbers drawn also equals 10, whether they match your number picks or not, you win! Example you pick 640, the numbers have a sum of 10, if 262 is drawn you win. None of your numbers were picked however the sum of the winning numbers was 10 the same as your number sum, so you win.

If you do not live in Texas or New York what good are sums? They can help you decide what boxed pick 3 lottery combinations may be over due. If the Pick 3 sum of 15 has not come in for 30 games, that is 3 times the odds over due. The odds for a Pick 3 lottery game with the sum total of 15 is 1:13.69
The boxed possibilities
for a sum of 15 are

You can compare this sum to other game stats to help you decide on your picks. Is a double over due, a triple, single digit or boxed combination way over due. If for example a double is over due in your state and the number 3 is also over due. With the sum of 15 being due to come out, some good bets might be 339 and 366.

Sums also can be helpful when trying to pick the next triple in the Pick 3 game. Sums that include a triple digit are 0,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24 and 27. Two or more of this sums over due at the same time may be and indication that a triple could be picked. Very low and very high sums have only a few boxed possibilities that can be picked. This can be helpful when trying for a straight lottery number which pays a lot better then playing boxed numbers.

The sum 3 has only 2 boxed possibilities 012, 003 and a triple. 003,012,111 10 straight bets would
completely cover the sum of 3. 003,303,300,012,021,120
210,102,201 and 111.

Sums Odds Charts and Boxed Combination Possibilities.

Odds Charts

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