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Instant Scratch Off Tickets Tips Strategy Guide

Yes, there are good strategies and betting techniques that make you a better player and can improve your chances of winning scratch off games every time. Scratch off games are by definition games you win by pure luck of the draw. These tips may help put a little more luck on your side.

Strategy Guide Tip One - Most state Lotteries do not track when and where instant game tickets are purchased. However they do track when winners are claimed and they post this information for all unclaimed instant game prizes on their website. The unclaimed prize data is not 100% accurate. Remember players have a long time from a game's end of sale date to claim prizes. People buy tickets in advance as gifts. Tickets are even lost or accidentally destroyed, there are many reasons that the online prize data is out of date and inaccurate. However knowing what prizes are already claimed for your states instant games will help you choose the best game to play.

scratch off ticket odds Strategy Tip Two - Know the overall odds of the game your playing. On the back side of every scratch off instant game ticket you can find the odds for that game. In the example to the right we have circled the overall game odds in red. The odds of 1:4.76 means that one in every 4.76 tickets is a winner.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This does not mean that every 5th ticket on a roll will win. One in 4.76 tickets are winners for every ticket in the entire game. Every game does not have the same odds, I checked 4 games playing now in my state and the odds for each game are 1:4.22, 1:4.74, 1:4.76 and 1:4.96. So the game with the odds of 1 in 4.22 would give me the best odds for a winner. We tested how this may work out in an actual scratch off game and purchased 20 consecutive tickets for the same 1.00 dollar game with odds of 1:4.74 in 3 different stores, 60 tickets in all. The results where interesting but a big win did not happen, we came out losing some money. In the first 20 tickets there was one winner a free ticket, a very poor return. The 2nd 20 tickets did better with two, 2 dollar wins separated by 6 tickets, again we lost 16 dollars. The 3rd set of 20 tickets was a win, there where 2 free tickets and a 2.00 winner right in a row and a 20 dollar winner 3 tickets later. For a whopping 2 dollar profit. All the free tickets from the ticket sets lost.
What we learned from this - Winning tickets can come in bunches with winning tickets coming off the roll one after another. Winners can be outside of the 1 in 4.74 overall game odds both in coming late or in winners hitting at much better odds in groups.

Strategy Tip Three - 2nd Chance Drawings, most states offer some instant lottery games with 2nd chance drawings. These are games where you send in your losing tickets for a chance to win a prize or money. A lot of people do not bother to check on these games or send in their tickets. If your spending the money on scratch off tickets, get the most out of your wagers and enter your losers in your states 2nd chance drawings when ever possible. Make sure you check your states website for all the rules for entering. The last entry I made had quite a few rules. Including the envelope size that would be accepted.

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