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How to Play Pick 3 Lottery Repeating Numbers

The study table below shows 100 random pick 3 games from a US state lotteries. 5 random 20 game samples from different years and states. The winning number results are from 20 consecutive days day and evening draws. The table highlights the numbers that repeated in the next game. In this number sample the average percentage of games with repeated numbers is 76 percent for all five number sets. And the highest 20 game group has 95 percent of the game results with a number repeated. The low end is just less then half the Pick 3 games at 45 percent. You can see that repeating numbers are common place in the pick 3 lottery daily number game. Longer game samples give a more accurate look at the true odds and repeating number patterns. We ran a simulation of 7300 Pick 3 games which in most states is ten years. The results are listed in the table below.

Repeating Pick 3 lottery numbers

7300 game Pick 3 simulation results

Number and ball position tracked Games It Occurred Percentage
Total for any number that repeated in next game 4404 60.32%
1st digit drawn repeated in any position in next game 479 6.56%
1st ball repeated in the same 1st ball position 54 .73%

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