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FunwithyourPC Syntacapps Privacy policy for and our Android Apps

  • We DO NOT share or sell user email addresses or personal information with anyone for any reason.
  • We DO NOT use cookies, computer code or any other tracking methods on our site or in our applications source code.
  • We DO NOT buy, sell or trade services for mailing lists.
  • We DO NOT email or contact customers or users in anyway except upon request by the recipient. Or the need to resolve a user or customer request or issue.
  • We DO NOT save or store personal information, except email addresses when a request to be on an email list is received by us.
  • We DO NOT receive, use, store or save credit card or financial information.

  • Third Party Ads In Applictions and on our website
  • Some ad supported applictions serve third party ads
    these advertisers have their own privacy polices.
  • Advertisers may collect and share information
    avaiable on your device to aid in serving relavent ads.
  • You must use the third party advertiser privacy policy links
    to read their policy guide lines

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