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Simulates Daily Number State Lottery Games
Runs on Android phones and tablets
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Pick 3 Lottery Simulator Results Interpretation
The Simulator uses 3 advanced random number generators, replicating the 3 separate machines used in state Pick 3 lottery games.
( unlike simulators that just pick a random number from 0 to 999 )

Simulation Options
Startup button order
For Step 1:
Select a full year, one drawing per day 365 games
or 2 games per day 730 simulated drawings.
Or simulate 1000 or 5000 lottery games.
You can also set the simulator to read your Pick 3 Pro app saved game history.
Tap the Pick 3 saved data button for this option.

Step 2:
Start the simulator by tapping the start sim button.

Step 3:
View the (simulated or saved) lottery game winning numbers results.

The Longest Runs Screen Pick 3 0-9 number picks screen
Most Games Without A Pick
Shows results for numbers separately by pick position, 1st, 2nd or 3rd ball picked. The chart shows the most games that were played without a number being picked in each game ball position.

Highlighted Numbers
(NOTE: Yellow highlights are not available in version 1.0
If any number has gone between 42 and 50 games without a pick in a ball position that number is highlighted yellow.
Numbers that have gone 50 or more games without a pick in a ball position is highlighted red.
Numbers that have not gone 42 or more games without a pick are white. 40 games are exceptionally long runs for the pick 3 lottery game.
We have found in number studies that frequently runs of over 40 games without a pick end at between 42 and 46 games with the number being drawn.
See Our lottery number frequency study

Pick 3 Lottery number frequency

Pick 3 Sums tracking Screen Pick 3 Pro Sums Screen
This screen displays the tracking data for all sums. The longest number of games played since a pick 3 sum was picked and the total picks for each sum. This data will help play sums that have gone beyond the normal odds of the game.

Also see our Pick 3 sums odds chart

Pick 3 Lottery sums odds

Odd even screen Odd Even Screen
Odd Even High Low Tracking

Total Picks
Total games that have all matched picks by type. All even, all odd, all low or all high numbers. Results shown are the total games that a matched pick of all odd, even, high or low was drawn.

Average Games Between Picks
The pick 3 lottery game odds for an all even game are 1 in 8. So if the results are less then 8, starting at 7.99 and below the set has been over picked.
If the results are 8.01 and above they have not been picked as often as they should have been.
A set with an 8.0 average is right on the odds of the Pick 3 lottery game.

Longest Between Picks
The longest game run without an all even, odd, high or low game.

Pick 3 doubles screen Doubles Tracking Screen
Tracks every doubled number 0-9 separately. And displays the most games played between picks. and the average games between picks. This screen data shows how sums can go beyond the normal odds of the game.

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Pick 3 Lottery Doubles Odds

Pick 3 Lottery Doubles Frequency

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