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Simulates Daily Number State Lottery Games
Runs on Android phones and tablets
with Android 2.3.1 and above.

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Lottery simulator for Android Mobile Devices phone or tablet.

App will also track our Pick 3 Pro apps saved history.
Giving users even more tracking features !

Pick 3 Lottery Simulator App Logo Pick 3 Lottery Simulator Overview
The Ultimate Pick 3 Lottery Game Simulator
The Simulator uses 3 advanced random number generators, replicating the 3 separate machines used in state Pick 3 lottery games.
( unlike simulators that just pick a random number from 0 to 999 )
Simulates Pick 3 games for a full year, one drawing per day 365 games or 2 games per day 730 simulated drawings.
Also simulates 1000 or 5000 lottery games. This Android App provides an in depth analysis of the draws. You get advanced statistics on separate ball picks 0-9 by pick, 1st, 2nd and 3rd ball drawn. Also all odd, even, high and low games, doubles and sums statistics.
More tracking features for Pick 3 Pro app users. You can scan your Pick 3 Pro apps saved history.

For phones and tablets running Android Version 2.3 and above.
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Explanation of Application Permissions:
Access saved Pick 3 Pro lottery history.

Access information about Wi-Fi networks Access coarse (e.g., Cell-ID, Wi-Fi) location Access information about networks:
Only used by the App to check if the device can access our web site online instructions, guides and FAQ.

Access fine (e.g., GPS) location:
Will allow finding your states current winning numbers in planned future updates.

Interpreting Our Simulator Results
Interpreting Our Android Pick 3 Lottery Simulator Results

Pick 3 Tips and Strategies
Pick 3 Lottery Smart Playing Tips Technique's and Strategies

Simulator Menu Screen Pick 3 Simulator Menu Screen
Is the 1st thing you will view. From here you can reach all of the apps features. Each button is described below.

Startup button order Startup Order

? icon Question mark image
Opens the web browser and displays this page.

simulator game count button
active simulator game count button
Simulator Game Counts 365, 730, 1000 and 5000
Sets the number of games the simulator will run. These buttons are highlighted green when they are active.

simulator tracking feature buttons
active simulator tracking feature buttons
Simulator Tracking Features
Views the game simulation results. Opens the window displaying the lottery number statistics. These buttons are also highlighted green when they are active.

simulator start button
Starts the game simulations
Runs the simulator for the chosen number of games. Or your Pick 3 Pro saved history.

Pick 3 Pro button
Pick 3 Pro
If you have our Pick 3 Pro tacking app installed, this will set the simulator scan for your saved lottery history backup file. Displaying the number statistics results in the simulator tracking feature windows.

Pick 3 Sums tracking Screen Pick 3 Pro Sums Screen
This screen displays the tracking data for all sums. The longest number of games played since a pick 3 sum was picked and the total picks for each sum.

Odd even screen Odd Even Screen
Odd Even High Low Tracking

Total Picks
Total games that have all matched picks by type. All even, all odd, all low or all high numbers. Results shown are the total games that a matched pick of all odd, even, high or low was drawn.

Average Games Between Picks
The pick 3 lottery game odds for an all even game are 1 in 8. So if the results are less then 8, starting at 7.99 and below the set has been over picked.
If the results are 8.01 and above they have not been picked as often as they should have been.
A set with an 8.0 average is right on the odds of the Pick 3 lottery game.

Longest Between Picks
The longest game run without an all even, odd, high or low game.

Pick 3 0-9 number picks screen Most Games Without A Pick
Tracks all numbers separately by pick, 1st, 2nd or 3rd ball picked. Charts the most games that were played without a number being picked in each game ball by position.

Pick 3 doubles screen Doubles Tracking Screen
Tracks every doubled number 0-9 separately. And displays the most games played between picks. and the average games between picks.

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