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Free Pick 4 Lottery Add-on Application

Track All Odd, Even, High and Low Games

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You must have our Free Pick 4 Pro system installed to use this application.
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Reading the pick 4 results

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There are 625 possible all even numbers from 0000 to 9999 including the quadruples.
Pick 4 Odds Charts
The overall odds of any one all even pick 4 lottery game are 1 in 16. Tracking all the various stats in the daily lottery games will help in deciding when to make a play.

This system will track your lottery number history well beyond the 25 games in the Pick4Pro system window. You can track and analyze thousands of Pick 4 games. The more numbers you have entered into your lottery results history file, the better long term game averages will be. The Pick 4 even number tracking system scans your entire saved history by clicking the scan history button. The button does one complete scan and is disabled, it will be re-enabled on the next system load.

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