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Pick 4 Front And Back Pair Lottery System

Front and back pairs lottery number picks tracking

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Pick 4Lottery System Add-on

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Advanced Pick 4 lottery tracking system front and back pairs. If your state lottery offers pairs as a bet type, the odds of winning in the Front Pair or Back Pair payout promotion are very good. The odds for any front or back pair from 00 to 99 are 1 in 100. Even if your state does not pay on the Front Pair or Back Pair, with this application you can easily see the most overdue pair.

You can quickly see the past game stats for any front or back pair by clicking one of the round option buttons. Selecting a total picks option will display the total times all front or back pairs were picked in all saved pick 4 lottery game results.

Selecting a games since picked option, will display the number of games played after any one front or back pair has be picked in all saved pick 4 lottery game results.

Reading the results table boxes. The first row of number results from top to bottom are, pairs 00 - 09.
Starting at the top and going down they are front or back pairs
The second row is 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 and 19.
Front pairs are the pair and any number, back pair #pair.
Example: front pairs 00 any #,01# ... back pairs any # 00, #01 ...

The Color Coding
The tan and white background colors are just to help read the rows from left to right. After the lottery history has been scanned. All boxes that have blue backgrounds are pairs that have never been picked in the saved games.

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