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Tracks and charts Pick 3 lottery winning numbers. Easy to read picked number highlights. Charts each ball position 1-3 the for last 25 games. Track total picks for all sums. Track all boxed picks. All 720 mixed boxed pick 3 lottery numbers and 270 double number boxed picks. Wheel 4,5,6 or 7 numbers. Built-in Pick 3 Lottery simulator Quickly spot numbers and patterns. Track all odd, even, high and low game stats. You can save over 10,000 pick 3 game results to your hard drive.

New Windows Version 3.0
Now Formated for 10 inch Netbook screens.

Users with Version 2.4 and below update your tracking system.

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Windows 2000/Me/Xp/Vista/7
1.5 MB

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Pick 3 Master Lottery Tracking
Individual tracking features online instructions link

Tracking Feature Software Instructions

Tracking System Thumbnail

Tracking System Thumbnail

Tracking System Thumbnail

Lottery Tracking Master System App Instructions

Pick 3 lottery tracking system control panel program window

How to use the lottery tracking system controls

Pick 3 lottery control panel instructions

The First System Run

If you do not already have our pick 3 tracking software installed. The program will ask you to set-up your saved history number file. You must select yes to use the tracking system.

Enter Your States winning Pick 3 Numbers

You can now enter your states Pick 3 lottery winning numbers. If you want to enter past results, enter the oldest game first. The winning number results are saved to your hard drive when you click the Save Numbers button. Any new numbers entered after the first save will be added to the numbers already saved. To see your saved history when the system loads click the Load History Button. You can save a new set of winning numbers without loading your saved history first. If you need to correct or edit your number open the run 25 app window.

Deleting Pick 3 history Numbers

If you enter the wrong winning lottery numbers click the Delete Last Number Entered Button (in the Run 25 app window). If you need to start over and clear the saved history click Delete All Saved Numbers.
NOTE ! Deleted lottery numbers can not be recovered !

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