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Pick 3 Android Lottery App System Test Results

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Mobile Lottery App Tracking Testing Results
Posted below are some of our pick 3 lottery app tracking features test results. They may be useful to some users when developing their pick 3 playing strategies. For these tests we used a preset history file. The file included every pick 3 possibility from 000 to 999. The game number test history file was in sequential order from 000 to 999. With 000 being the most resent game and 999 the oldest game in the test history number set. Below are the screen shots from the app test and a brief explanation of the results.

Some tracking results below are not shown because the app displays them in scrolling text boxes

In app diagnostics and testing are planned for a future app update

Pick 3 lottery app main console test screen shot Main Console
1000 sequential number game history loaded.
Games since picks for numbers 0-9 tracked by pick order 1st, 2nd and 3rd balls.
Numbers not picked for 25 to 42 games are highlighted green. Numbers not picked for 42 or more games are highlighted red.

Pick 3 lottery sums Android app test screen shot Sums Testing
Games since picks.

Pick 3 ottery odd even high low app test screen shot Even Odd Testing
Games played since matched numbers game result.
Average games between all even, odd, high and low picks.
Most games between picks.

Pick 3 Lottery doubles triples app test screen shot Doubles Triples
Games played since doubles picked with each number 0-9. All doubles found in order.
Games played since triples picked for numbers 0-9. And all triples found in order.

Pick 3 Lottery all numbers 0-9 pick totals app test screen shot Total Picks
Total picks for numbers 0-9.
Tracked by order balls are picked and total picks.

Pick 3 lottery app mixed number search test screen shot Mixed Number Search
Boxed search results for 789.

Pick 3 lottery app double number search test screen shot Double Number Search
Boxed search results for 088.

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