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Lotto Key Number Wheel System

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Windows 2000/Me/Xp/Vista/7
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Lotto Key Number Wheel Software Instructions

Lotto wheeling software window

How to wheel numbers
Use your mouse to select your numbers.
Click any ball in the window to choose a number.
Wheel 6 unique numbers with your 2 key numbers.
Any three of the six unique wheel numbers picked will result in a small win.
Wheel Key Numbers
The two key numbers are included in every combination of the wheel.
The key numbers must be drawn for a 5 number jackpot win.

Lotto wheel window mouse click

To wheel your picks - Click the Wheel numbers button
Click Print to print your ticket list
Fast and easy !

Wheeling numbers
improves your chances for a win
by covering all possible combinations
in a set of numbers.

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