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Pick 3 Lottery Number Frequency By Ball Position

There are many strategies to play your states Pick 3 daily lottery game. The number frequency study below can help you play your favorite strategy with the knowledge of common number patterns found in the game. We tracked the first 2nd and 3rd ball picked in the pick 3 lottery game in California for the entire year in 2010. The actual odds of 1 in 10 for each number 0-9 in any one position may should mean a number will be picked once every 10 games, that does not hold true in the actual lottery game results. When you look at some actual state lottery results you will find that in fact, it can be much longer then 10 games before a number is picked as the 1st, 2nd or 3rd ball in the Pick 3 lottery game. The tables below show the results for the Pick 3 lottery for each number 0-9 in all 3 ball positions for an entire year. The longest run for each number 0-9 and the average run for all numbers without a number being picked in each ball position 1-3 position.

California Pick 3 2010 Lottery Results
Lottery Balls
Numbers 0-9
Longest Run Without A Pick
1st Ball Position
Longest Run Without A Pick
2nd Ball Position
Longest Run Without A Pick
3rd Ball Position
0 52 51 63
1 28 57 50
2 34 43 40
3 36 29 45
4 49 33 40
5 69 30 47
6 53 61 29
7 45 50 41
8 31 42 46
9 58 31 51
Average Run Without Position Pick All Numbers 0-9 45.5 42.7 45.2

Line graph numbers 0-4 2010

How to read this graph - Red lines mark every 14th Pick 3 game or one week.
Blue lines mark lottery numbers picked.

In the line graph below you can see that long runs of 40 games or more without a particular number picked in any one ball position, only happens about one or two times a year.
It is important to note that longer runs of 90 or even 100 games are possible. Although very rare happening about once every 5 to 10 years, these extreme runs of 90 or more games are possible. That being said it would be unwise to chase a number from game 40 for more then 5 to 10 games. You could being playing a loosing ticket for more then 50 games. Playing a number that is out of the odds for any one ball position should be done with a budget and time limit in place.

Line graph picked numbers 0-4 2010

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