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Pick 3 Tips and Strategies

Don't is a bad word !

The pick 3 lottery or any lottery is a game of chance. People, systems, software or web sites that tell you don't play this way or that way, are giving you bad advice. Some say do not play birthday's or dates. Don't play patterns, series, some number or set of numbers. These are just opinions that will not improve your chance to win.

Past results and statistics

We design Android apps and Windows software to help lottery players
improve their Daily Number Lottery game play. By having all the information available to spot possible lottery patterns, overdue picks or common numbers. So you may be able to improve your chance at a win in the pick 3 game . While doing our lottery studies, running simulations and with our real world playing experience, we have developed some strategies. In our experience tracking numbers only produces a noticeable advantage a couple of times a year. When a number or numbers are so far out of the game odds, that it is extremely unlikely that a pick will not happen very soon.
This happens in the pick 3 game once or twice a year and pick 4 much less frequently.

Large Jackpot Lotto Games

Years ago, we had a tracking system for the Powerball. We scraped it because to get any kind of useful frequency data on the numbers would take many life times. The odds of the pick 3 lottery game are 1 in 1000 and can produce useful data with a relatively small number of game results. Powerball has astronomical odds and tracking the games long enough to see common patterns would take many years , multiple lifetimes. So go ahead and play your kids birthday.

A Large Jackpot Strategy That Worked

We know of at least one player that won a Powerball jackpot by picking a set of numbers and sticking to it. Playing the same ticket in every game. It took 7 years.

Smart players have a dollar limit

What ever the game of chance is, smart players and professional gamblers have a limit. Set a limit and stick to it.

Pick 3 Wheels

Use pick 3 wheels to cover more of the lottery game outcome possibilities.

Watch the game

We had a pick 3 lottery system at one time that automatically installed the game history. That feature took away from the user's ability to remember a recognize game patterns, common numbers and over due picks. By entering the game results everyday you become familiar with the results over time.

Study the game

Professional gamblers don't just walk into a casino and start playing. They take time to learn the game, practice playing and study the odds and other players. The Pick 3 lottery game is no different then any other thing you do. To do it well you must spend time learning the game.
Take advantage of our online guides and lottery number studies. Even do a study of your own if you have the time.

Play Smart ! Play To Win !
Our Apps and software are designed to help lottery players
improve their Daily Number Lottery game play.
Lottery tracking software systems for Android Mobile Devices and Microsoft Windows.
Our systems run on Android phones and tablets running Android Version 2.3 and above.
And Windows 2000/Me/Xp/Vista and Windows 7.

Our Pick 3 Lottery Systems
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Android Mobile Pick 3 Lottery System

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