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Free Stand Alone Lottery Simulator Download

Our 10 year lottery simulator is also
built into our Pick 3 Master Tracking System

Control Panel Screen Shot
Pick 3 Master Lottery Tracking Pro Free Download !

The Ultimate Pick 3 Lottery Game Simulator
The Simulations use 3 advanced random number generators
like the 3 separate machines used in lotteries.
( not one like some lottery apps ) that just pick a random number from 0 to 999

You get advanced statistics on separate ball picks.
Simulates pick 3 lottery drawings for up to 10 years.
And provides in depth analysis of the draws.

System Requirements - Windows 2000, ME, Xp and Vista.
( Screen resolution required 1024 x 768 )
Download Your Free Pick 3 Simulator Now !

Windows PC Simulator system screen shot and instructions.

10 year screen shot

Simulator System Controls

This lottery simulator will help you predict the next draw
in your states pick 3 game.
Analyze statistics, patterns, individual balls.
See doubles, triples and all numbers in detailed statistical graphs.
Boxed pairs, straight positional pairs, odd and even pairs.
Select any number to retrieve statistics on.
Analyze numbers in series 123, 567 , etc.
Games between picks, balls between picks.
Compare your pick frequency to all other results.
Repeated numbers, games between numbers , most
repeated and a lot more ...

This software displays features in great color graphics.
The system uses 3 advanced number generators ( not one )
to simulate the 3 separate machines used in lotteries.

The system will give you the ability to use and compare probability
and odds results to your actual state lottery.
Greatly increase your chance to win the pick 3 lottery.
Make predictions on future lottery draws from detailed statistical data.
And stop shooting in the dark hoping to hit something.

Getting Started

This is a stand alone lottery program no installation required.
Just double click the system icon.
Some tips and help are build-in to the system.
Hold your mouse over an item for a second to see a tip.

Lottery help

Lottery options

Above you can see your simulator control panel pictured.
Select the type of simulation you want, doubles, triples or a number simulation.
By checking one with your mouse.
For a number simulation you must also select a number from 0-9,
to the right of the 4 simulation check boxes.

To start a number simulation after you have made your selections,
simply click the Start Simulation button.

Reading the graphs

Lottery charts

Lottery graph

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