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How To Play Pick 3 Lottery Wheels

Pick 3 Full Wheel
Full lottery wheels cover all the possible boxed number combinations for a set of numbers. The more numbers you wheel the more expensive it will be to play. It takes thirty tickets to cover all boxed possibilities for a five number wheel, excluding triples. To cover the triples you need 5 more tickets a total of 35 bets.
Below is a 5 number full wheel for the numbers 2,4,6,7 and 8
Mixed numbers
Doubled numbers

How to Play Partial Wheels
A pick 3 partial wheel is not as expensive but does not cover all the possible out comes. Partial wheels will guarantee at least one winning ticket. But only for a mixed number game or you could play the double number possibilities.
A 5 number partial wheel covering only mixed numbers requires 10 tickets. 20 tickets would cover the double number out comes.
Example of a 5 number partial wheel for numbers 2,4,6,7 and 8
All Possible Boxed Game Possibilities

A Key Number Wheel
Key number wheels usually have 1 or more numbers selected by the player that
are included in every combination of the wheel.
The key number or numbers must be drawn for a win. This allows you to play more numbers for less money as long as your key number is picked. To cover the numbers 2,4,6,7 and 8 in the above 5 number. You would only play 15 tickets instead of 35.
Mixed numbers
Doubled numbers

An All Low,High,Odd or Even Wheel
An all low,high,odd or even Pick 3 game comes in on average every 7 to 9 games.
And can come in as far apart as 50 Pick 3 games or more.
The actual lottery game odds of an all low game is 1 in 8.3

The boxed number combinations for a Pick 3 full wheel, covering all low numbers:
Mixed boxes:
123 124 120 134 130 140 234 230 240 340
Doubles Boxes:
122 133 144 100 233 244 200 344 300 400 211 311 411 011 322 422 022 433 033 044
000 111 222 333 444

Play One Number To Win
A One Number Full Wheel Using Front and Back Pairs
Completely cover one Pick 3 lottery number in any position.
In order to use this number set your state must have front and back pair bets.
If you choose one number that is picked in any ball position you win with this wheel.
To cover any one number you would play the following number sets substituting
the number 3 with your number of choice (except for the highlighted red 3's).

The below wheel is for covering any ball position for the number 3
Front pairs needed to cover:
Back pairs needed to cover:
This is a $30.00 bet at one dollar a ticket.
In my state that would pay $50.00 for a win.
Not a good pay off but the odds are only 3.3333 to 1
You have three chances to win at 10 to 1 in the same game.

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