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Pick 3 Lottery Tracking Study Chart

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The chart below shows the first 500 games tracked from the 2010 Pennsylvania state lottery results.
Doubles with all three balls picked even are highlighted with   Blue
Doubles with all three picks odd are highlighted with   Red
Doubles with all three mixed odd and even picks are highlighted with   Green

The lottery game tracking shows that only 9 blocks of 10 Pick 3 games
do not have a mixed doubles picked. There are 41 blocks of 10 lottery games
with at least one mixed double game. That is 4 to 1
in the 10 game blocks for these Pick 3 lottery games.
The longest consecutive run of mixed doubles was 3.
There is a lot more information you can observe about
pick 3 lottery double number patterns by studying this chart.

Pick 3 Lottery Doubles Games Highlighted

    All even   Blue - All odd   Red - Mixed odd and even   Green

Lottery Tracking Chart Double Numbers

Pick 3 Doubles Odds Chart

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