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Since being established in 1998 FunwithyourPC has engaged in web site design, online graphic arts and software authoring. Syntacapps is the Android apps unit of FunwithyourPC. Developing software aimed at helping our users improve their lottery game play. Having developed lottery tracking software for Windows for over 8 years with thousands of satisfied users. We know you will find our new Android Apps very useful tools for your Pick 3 lottery game play.

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Enter and save your states winning Pick 3 daily numbers. Load and track your Pick 3 Lottery winning number history with just a tap. This Android app gives you the number of games since every ball has been picked. It tracks all lottery game numbers 0-9, in order. 1st, 2nd and third ball picked. The app also tracks the games played since all doubles were picked for balls 0-9. Any triples that have been picked, all 28 possible pick 3 sums and it displays your complete daily number game history.

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For phones and tablets running Android Version 2.3.1 and above.

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